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Mission Statement:

The Eastern Province Sports & Wellness Institute provides affordable and current medical therapy with its emphasis on individualized and personal patient care. By fulfilling our roles as general practitioners and sports physicians, we strive to foster relationships with our patients to provide care that truly caters to the biopsychosocial model of health. Our multi-disciplinary team of general practitioners, physiotherapist, dietitian, psychologist, orthopedic surgeon and sports massage therapist ensure an integrated approach to the provision of our services.

With our focus on wellness, we hope to encourage the drive towards preventative medicine and help our patients live fulfilled and happy lives disease-free as far as possible.

We plan to help nurture future sports stars by offering expertise in sports medicine to schools, clubs and individuals of all ages to ensure that talent does not go lost in our province any longer.

All of this can only be achieved once our patients realize that their health is their responsibility, and we are mere facilitators in their journey towards a healthy life.